King William Street

Downtown Hamilton

June 9th 1pm to 9pm

Band Schedule:

Restaurant Features:

HAMBRGR - Classic burger, HamOnt2.0 and a Special "soul" burger

FSH & CHP - shrimp bisque app, shrimp po'boy with sweet potato hash entree, and banana foster (caramelized bananas, Havana club rum and ice cream)

Mezza Caffe - "Day Dream": espresso, dolce latte, chocolate and cinnamon and fresh baked pastries

Absinthe Hamilton - Chevapi - Balkan beef & veal kebabs, served on flatbread with ajvar, cream cheese & slaw.

Berkeley North - double quinoa salad. Crispy and soft quinoa with fresh herbs, pickles and lemon vinaigrette.

Made for you by Madeleine - Ice cream sandwiches and chocolate flourless mini-cakes. Soul-satisfying cornbread slices and cornbread pudding!

Diplomat - Jalapeno & Charred Corn Hush Puppy Fritters with Comeback Sauce and Southern Tomato Pie with Smoked Cheddar & Spring Greens

Rust City Brewery - Pint and Pretzel

More info: 905-523-1646 or